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The Web Reservations system lets your clients quickly and conveniently enter reservations on the Internet.  These will be automatically copied into your Trip Tracker Limousine & Ground Transportation Management System without any retyping.

For the safety of your customer’s information, all data transmitted between your customer’s computer, the web server, and your computer is automatically encrypted using 128 bit SSL technology.

The Web Reservations system includes two main forms:
  1. The Rate Lookup page will allow your clients to quickly search your rates for their desired trip.  They can then easily book a trip based on the entered data.
  2. The Web Reservations page will allow your clients to easily book a trip, using all of the stored information in Trip Tracker.
Highlighted Features:
  • Each page can be customized to include the airports that you service, your payment types, common locations, and vehicle types in easy-to-use drop down menus.
  • You can add any customized heading at the top of each page, and can display any text at the bottom of the page such as your terms and conditions.
  • You can even create different client-specific pages, including different logos and pre-set fields.
  • You can specify how much advance notice is required (such as 24 hours, 48, etc.) before an online reservation can be entered.
  • Clients can be setup so that their Web Reservations are automatically accepted. Otherwise, each trip can easily be accepted or rejected.
  • All the necessary HTML code is provided for your existing web site to link to your personalized web page forms, which will automatically encrypt the data.  It should take your web page designer 5 to 10 minutes to implement it.